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Lustrous Black Lanterns - Set of 2

SKU 86196-2
Enhance your holiday-themed decor with dramatic candlelight housed by these gorgeous lanterns. Each lantern features clear glass panels adorned with gold snowflake illustrations for a festive look. Solid black iron frames securely hold the lantern together, with a circular top opening for ventilation and top handles for easier handling. The lanterns also feature hinged front panels with latch locks to allow easy access to the lantern's interior.

  • Gold snowflake illustrations on its clear glass panels coordinate with holiday-themed decor
  • Solid black iron frame construction provides support and stability
  • Compact size makes them perfect for decorating tables and shelves
  • Designed to hold 3" pillar candle
  • Hinged front panels with latch locks allow easy access to the lantern's interior
  • Set of two different sizes create a varied but cohesive look


10-13.5"h x 5-6"w x 5-6"