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Gleaming Mosaic Orbs - Ast 3

SKU A0380007
Style up your home interior with glamour by adding these gleaming mosaic orbs to your decor. This set features three polyfoam and glass balls embellished with multi-colored geometric patterns. Set them up on your console, coffee table, mantel or shelf to create a stunning focal point, or pair them with a decorative tray, bowl or lantern for an artful statement.

  • Sophisticated color scheme of black, silver, white and gold fits in modern-glam settings
  • Polyfoam and glass materials provide durability and long-lasting quality
  • Size allows for convenient placement and display options
  • Geometric patterns add a pop of visual interest to any room or space
  • Pair with decorative trays, bowls, and lanterns to create an artful statement
  • Set of three different designs for variety and cohesiveness


3.25"h x 3.25"d